Flavia Iceheart

Crusader from a Death World


Flavia Iceheart was born on the Death World of Mortressa, a planet of ash spewing volcanoes and acid pits. She grew up in Port Niandros, one of the few major ports on the world and one of the few pockets of civilization left on the surface.

Mortressa has always had issues suppressing chaos cults within its society, and quite a few cabals dedicated to Khorne or Nurgle have caused great issues for the planetary government throughout the ages.

Flavia herself lived through one of the more devastating cultist plots, where they plagued the local food supply to spread a demonic sickness throughout the population of Niandros. Among the afflicted and barely hanging onto her sanity she and many others were possessed by daemonic entities in their vulnerable state.

Though the plot ultimately failed and Flavia had the daemon exorcised through the aid of a ministorum priest she was forever scarred by the event, and was taken in by the ecclesiarchy to train and become one of their holy warriors.

Flavia has since dedicated herself to the eradication of chaos and their servants, and will pursue chaos cults to root out. She finds herself on Archaos after hearing rumors of a particularly ellusive cult on the planet.


Flavia Iceheart

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